Updating gallery: animals.
It's a wild Tasmaniantiger! It's updating Loch Ness gallery. Loch Ness, English Translations are up now. Go and check them out.
Adding one color picture of Yaza to the Grigori gallery.
Adding more pictures to the gallery. Some animal sketches and also new 2010 fanart!
Added an old page of Loch Ness, in English; Loch Ness . Still busy on the Grigori comic and 3D works. I also work full time in my 'other job', so I haven't been able to draw nor post frequently.
Added three older sketches Grigori 'work' comic. I've been rather busy on working on the 'real' (like in non-work-try out) version of Grigori. Hence why any real updates, illustrations and such haven't been posted. My apologies.
Added a work and a sketch to the animals gallery.
Added the two last (old) pages of The Beast, translated to english.
Added sketches to the fantasy and animals galleries.
Added three more (old) pages of The Beast, translated to english.
Added two more (old) pages of The Beast, translated to english.
Old pages of 'The Beast' have been added in English.
I've been busy painting and doing a Zoo Tycoon animal... not much to update, but I've put a few gifs on this gallery, here.
Two older pages have been added to the Grigori 'work' comic.
I also updated the 'Misc' gallery with a portrait of a character.
Added one dragon doodle to the fantasy gallery.
Added a whole new section to the site: namely a comic project I've been working on for the past years: "Grigori". Go check it out here!
Added thylacine pics to my animals page.
Added my ZooTycoon site to the my links page, added one link to the other links page.
I put some commissions from 2007 under fanart, for the lack of a better gallery available. And one more recent update in the animals gallery.
Bio has been updated (finally), as well as a the Animals and Fanart galleries.
Uploaded a few more 'White Lioness' Pages, here.
Uploaded a few more 'White Lioness' Pages, here.
I uploaded a few sketches to the 'White Lioness' gallery, as well as the first page of the comic. The pages of the comic aren't too recent I fear, I'm working and reworking it, so it's a changing work. Link.
The gallery sorely needs a new layout, I'm not too pleased with how sections are divided now. However.. that will take time, I'm not looking forward to that. (Though I like making sites.)
A few new additions, though mostly 2007 stuff in the animal gallery, fanart gallery and comic gallery.
The thing that kept me busy for a loong time: Zoo Tycoon. I so hope I will get the time and feeling to bring a site together for all this.. but until now, you can find gifs of a few animals I made for the game here!
My gallery deserves more updates.. sigh. An oldie from 2002, I want it online, though, it's very outdated. I'm putting it up, since I apparently can't find the texted versions anymore. Loch Ness...
A few much needed updates: I uploaded some old comic pages of 'The Painter', and a few looses pieces for my 'Loch Ness' and 'The Beast' comic stories. I discovered only recently that I seem to have lost the files which contained the text for Loch Ness.. which is a bitter loss to me, since I don't have all the original pages anymore. (They got lost when being on an exhibition tour). I'm still looking on my CD-roms, but the odds are against me.. I wanted to upload them all. Now the process will become tedious..
I hope that I can put something together for 'Loch Ness' soon, since I may have more plans for the story line.
Some concepts for my comic, the White Lioness, found here.
Tiny update: another picture for the Animals section.
It's been so long! I didn't realise. I hope to update everything more regulary. I have accounts on Elfwood and Deviant art too. .. links will follow.. As for now, two updates to the Fantasy gallery, two colored images.
Put some images up at the 3D art section. Go take a look, furry vicugna! :)
The comic sections, as well as the misc and 3Dart sections are updated. Not many pictures up, as per page, but, every section has a few images now. Up to the biggest section, fantasy. The White Lioness section should come a lot bigger also. But, due to a hard disc crash in the past, I lost all my scanned pages. On which I put all the text. Still have the originals, without text.
Updated "The Beast" and "Loch Ness" section under comics.:) Meaning they are up.
The website is under major construction. Many things will change and many more are still not online.
First test on the web. In fact, to show my art teacher. :) No gallery is online yet, just the links are working. I am still not sure about the frontpage, just about this tabel.. but, we'll see.
Not online yet. The webspace and domain are there, but a lot still has to happen. Finally pleased about the design of the site... though I now realise I don't like the table of the news section. Weeeh. =test text for news section.